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WEARING| Westward\\Leaning sunnies, Primary coat, Proenza Schouler jacket, Equipment top, Joe Fresh belt, Hudsonjeans (yep, I wore them all week), Chanel bag, Dieppa Restepo shoes |PHOTOS|
 by Jeremy James

Kelly Framel from The Glamourai

NYで活躍するstylist and editorなだけあって

ABOVE| We literally spent half a day gossiping away at this cafe! I wore vintage Ray-Ban sunnies, a vintage leather jacket (also worn HERE), Atelier Swarovski by Christopher Kane bracelet (worn as necklace), Erin Fetherston frock, and a Jimmy Choo bag and shoes |BELOW| Jamie wore a Hoss Intropia scarf + top, Raoul cashmere skirt, and Jimmy Choo flats

|ABOVE| skipping into a breakfast meeting in a Satya Twena hat, American Apparel topPorts 1961 skirt, Gucci bag, and Jimmy Choo shoes

 I donned a Western shirt and tank by True Religion, plus Tibi pantsSchutz shoes, a vintage necklace, and a Reece Hudson bag adorned with an Adrienne Landau furry flourish. 

 |WEARING| Super sunnies, Diane Von Furstenberg blouse, Jennifer Zeuner & Alexa Leigh necklaces, Corello belt and bag, gifted True Religion jeans and Schutz shoes

|ON KELLY| Rachel Roy dressReece Hudson clutch, Zac Posen umbrella, Via Spiga shoes |ON JAMIE| Rachel RoydressVia Spiga shoes |WE GALS| have a habit of coordinating our looks.

|WEARING| Supersunnies7 For All Mankind jacketJennifer Zeuner necklaceRodarte t-shirt, H+M leather skirt, Chanel bag (similar), Via Spiga shoes |PHOTOS| by Jeremy James


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