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Karla Deras from Karla's Closet

 Denim Dossier Volume 3. This makeup look was inspired by their luxe holiday collection. I wore the gold jacquard skinny pants with a bodysuit, my go-to jacket slung over my shoulders and topped it off with a high-shine red lip and a super smokey eye:

I'm wearing a 50s vintage dress that I found at Hubba Hubba that I had altered, vintage motorcycle jacket, Elizabeth and James sunglasses, and Jimmy Choo pumps.

I wore a thrifted sweatshirt, J Brand pants, vintage fur scarf,Karla Deras x Roman Luxe double stone ring, Super sunglasses, and Sigerson Morrison strappy pumps.

 my favorite vintage fur coat, a J Brand longsleeve teeAdidas track pants, Jean-Michel Cazabat pumps, YSL clutch, Super sunglasses, and Roman Luxe lapis chain bracelet. 

The square lapis earrings worn with all Topshop and red lipstick by Smashbox. 

 I paired my newest Nike sweatshirt with a Topshop pencil skirt,Balenciaga platforms, vintage rhinestone earrings, and Ray-ban sunglasses. 

Worn with Jimmy Choo pumps, YSL clutch, and Roman Luxe jewelry.


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