Dresstrip in BANGKOK◇◇◇ Chapter3 欲望に正直に生きることのススメ

Dresstrip in bangkok chapter 3
Eat more? Play more??
Occupation: Hotel PR
What she wears**Versace suit

Guide on how to live by staying truthful to your own desire. (In order make the story more dramatic, some fictional elements are added up.)
The most striking person I have ever met in this country can be no one but Diane. I went to conduct an interview from M Hotel. 
Due to an accident, I was late for an appointment for around 20 minutes. H
owever, the clumsy atmosphere I was in just completely changed when a certain man (or woman?) made the scene.
The person was in a glittering ,sparkling golden suit, and a yellow necktie with bubble patterns. He (She) was also wearing sunglasses which was sparkling from time to time.
「Hi!! nice to meet you」
The person said with a wide smile. Bottles of drinking water bearing the hotel’s logo were held in the person both arms. Once he (she) appeared, I felt so overwhelmed by the presence of this accompanying client.
「I am Diane, the Public Relations manager of this hotel. The weather outside is hot, isn’t it? Even this is just a mere water, it will help you cooling down. 」
Diane’s English accent was the one of the natural born Thai, but fluent at the same time. Event though at first, Diane’s speech also included words commonly used by gay people, that was not his (her) true style of speaking. Diane was more likely to speak in a feminine tone.
He (she) has eventually become my most trusted “Bangkokian” ever.
Once an interview was over, Diane said, “Well, let’s get something to eat. You haven’t had a lunch yet, have you? Let’s go to the restaurant of this hotel together!” Then, I was taken to a buffet restaurant on the first floor by Diane in a slightly forceful manner.
After my arrival at the restaurant, it took me almost an hour staying there. Diane, whose wide smile seemed not to disapper from his(her) face for even one second, helped putting stuffs of myself and my cameraman on a table. Then, the person started explaining about foods in every single corner of this restaurant. 
This time, his (her ) tone was relatively higher than the one he (she) used at the time of interview.

“At this restaurant, you will be able to savour dishes from countries all over the world, you know. 
This is Tasmanian beef. This is American pizza qith pepperoni. The chef’s special serve is Shabu-shabu of Japanese pork. And that is my favourite African samosa. You should give that a little try. For sure, the restaurant also have Thai food. About noodles, you can ask the chef to cook them for you. Then, there is ….”  
While speaking like a reporter from a cooking program in a television, Diane opened silver covers of the each dishes, while explaining details about them, one by one.
Actually, I used to engage in a PR work for a while. However, the tension would be too high when I explained each single dishes of chef’s 30 dishes. I wouldn’t be able to explain about foods with a sense of humour while remaining polite at the same time. It would be impossible for me to explain about every single items in the area to the person I don’t know before and try not to keep my converstion distant from the latter inspite of a high level of tension. No matter how many times I did that kind of task, it would still be too much for me. (For sure, I wouldn’t be suitable for that .)
I am impressed by the high qulity of his work. He didn’t create a wall between himself and a person he’s dealing with. By nature, his open-minded character is suitable for the PR career. While being fascinated upon listening to him, just before I knew that, I began to feel envy of his talking style, which gave an uplifting feeling to the other party.

“This is the secret room. Of course, it can’t be some kind of suites room. It’s the sweets room,” Diane said while introducing the little room at a restaurant’s deeper corner. There, cakes and fruits were arranged as if they came out from a fairy tale. The room’s lighting illuminated ice creams, making them glistening brightly. It appears to be a rrom with enchantment. Even though I am not the one who fonds of sweet things, I eventually couldn’t help but say “Wow”with an uplifted tone. Once I took my seat at a table, Diane just appeared from somewhere and said, “These are my recommended juices, so you should try taking a little sip. ” He was carrying four cocktail glasses with beautiful emerald green color.
I think about a man who also strongly bears beautiful characteristics of women like Diane. Even though he couldn’t be clearly classified as a man or a woman, it feels like he was a human who evolved to a man as described in Greek philoshphy, a man who contains both male and female characteristics in only one body.
He was more excellent both in terms of senses and ability in comparison with each single gender. His work performance was even higher than each of the gender as well.
Nevertheless, his way of eating was obviously masculine. He had emptied up to three filled-up dishes with pleasant movement.
“You know, I am going for the Full moon party at Tao island this weekend. Then, at the next weekend, I will go for a vacation at Switzerland. There’re going to be lots of fun!! For almost a year, I have been working without taking days off, so I am going to have my reward!! Tomorrow, I will also have a meal party in Bangkok with hot designers. My life is already at its best!” “Let’s eat a lot, play a lot, and keep savoring your own life until the end.” Upon meeting a person like Diane, I realized that we should try living seriously while staying truthful to our own desire. Definitely, my current self is still being half baked.

Notes Bangkokian- Just like when we call people who live in New York as New Yorker, people living in Bangkok are called Bangkokian. Full Moon party at Tao island.
The restaurant where the story took place. At this restauant you can eat high quality food from countries across the globe, accompanied by first class hospitality service, all are offered in reasonable price.


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