Dresstrip in BANGKOK◇◇◇ Chapter1 女は旅立つべきなのか?

What she wears**ALL vintage

Dresstrip in bangkok 
chapter 1

"Should women flying away to somewhere to become a new person?"
Occupation: Freelance Writer

There are moments when women want to left things behind and just fly away.
When will such situation arise?
- When she was dumped by a boyfriend.
- Once she got married.
- Once her close friends got married.
- When she can’t get anywhere in her career.
- When she lives through Christmas or spent a day after her boyfriend without any presence of her boyfriend
- When her future outlook turn hopeless.
-When she felt that nobody loves her.
- When she is alone.

In any case, it seems that such bold action is somehow driven by negative situations. Departing for a new place is like self resetting.
It will allow you to cultivate your own value once again.
In women’s life, there are days when things can’t be seen clearly, and their hearts were filled with insecurity.
Once that chapter of life finally starts, it seems that life is just being spun around and around.
Amidst those kind of moments, should women make a departure so that they will come to love their lives once again?

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Writing:Maho julia takaishi

Drawing and désigne:Aya madono

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