Dresstrip in BANGKOK◇◇◇ Chapter 4 フェアリーテイルを地でいく女

 What she wears**kate spade new york

Bangkok Chapter 4
A woman who tries to put fairy tale into reality.

(In order to add up a sense of drama in to the story, certain fictional elements were included.)

Upon asking my friends who got married,
it seems that an encounter with your future spouse occurred at places like schools, workplaces,parties, or through friends' suggestions, or some other places like that. 

However, I actually have had an experience of being engaged in the fateful encounter for several times. Here are some examples. 

When I was riding a plane to New York, I was overwhelmed by drowsiness and dropped a book into the aisles. Then the sexy Latino guy who sat across an aisle picked it up and we had our fingertips touched in the process. There was also a 
situation at the party where I spilled wine on a siut of the other party.

Ploy is a kind of person who keep waiting for that fateful encounter, 
even for everyday, every minutes, and every seconds.
"A soul mate can't become a soul mate if there is no fateful encounter. It can't be said that we can have that kind of meeting at a rehearsal dinner provided by some kind of matchmaking web site."
"Really? For me, I think that kind of service is groundbreaking and can be more effective. We can even search for information ranging from personality, religion, annual income to the man's height."

I then used a dry taste of a white wine to wash out the taste of strawberries
that I was unable to eat, and unusual sweetness of whip cream.

She had a British father. Until the last year, she hasn't been to England, and hadn't invited her dad to Thailand otherwise.
As I can be called by my English name as Julia, I will call her with a Thai nickname just from now.

In short, Ploy means gem in Thai language. Ploy's Thai mom gave her that name because she wanted her daughter to be a person who is precious like gem and able to make impressive things happen.

In order to welcome her lifetime's turning point at the age of 25, she wanted to set up all of her situations once again. Seems that my invited guest slightly resembled myself. She had just one illustrated book published in UK. With her work record as an author of a picture book, she was just about to step across a crossroad of her life for one more time.

Writing:Maho julia takaishi

Drawing and désigne:Aya madono

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