Working at Starbucks

My day was starting with  an apple chiboust cake
400 something calories  
forget it,so yummy

I was wearing my brand new DORIES VANNOTTEN pants
Love the siluhouette of this pants 

I go to starbucks almost everyday
always order drip black coffee
I don't know the name of coffee exactly
Coffee's name at starbucks is still greek to me.
Anyway if we order drip coffee,we can get one more coffee for only 100yen

I always work alone but today I have lovely guest

She just flew back from korea
Celebrated the new year there
She gave me bunch of facial sheet pack.
Thank you Y!!

FYI she made her business card
The picture of the guy,do you know who it is?
Yes kannamu style!!

She was working on my original counceling sheet
She said' too much questions,pain in the neck!!' lol
poor her finger

I lover her Michael kors iPad case!!
And her i-phone has tail,that's cute

We took photos each other at the stairs
Actually I got new camera lately
I was so  embarrassed
then she said 'This is the blogger's life'

I love my dot tights too

She is the real blogger!!
She won the style contest at fukulog!!

It was kind a hot today

love wearing far coat 
super comfy♥

|WEARING| VIntage Fox far coat,DORIE VANNOTTEN pants,kate spade NY bag,lip shoes,Henri Bendel bangle,BCBG ring

Finally met minjyu from VEUXSAVOIR at dinner♠