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1.Why Don't You... Stop with the Honorific Language?

2."Why don’t you Quit school?"

3."Why don't you stop saying Everybody?"

4Why don't you make your dreams come true with your own hands?

5Why don't you create your own identity

6Why Don't You... Meet An Attractive Person?
7Why Don't You... Give Yourself a "Like"?
8Why Don't You... Quit Your Job?
9Why Don't You... Change Your Role?
10Why Don't You... Try to Live Like Bill?
11Why Don't You... Go and Find Yourself?
12Why Don't You... Learn from Anpanman?
13Why Don't You... Value Your Experiences?
14Why Don't You... Stop Being a "Tuna Woman?"
15Why Don't You... Stop Having Twisted Positive Thoughts and Start Thinking Seriously?
16Why Don't You... Start Having More Sex?
17Why Don't You... Stop Using Unnecessary Words?
18Why Don't You... Dissolve Your Stupid Pride in Champagne and Drink It All Up?