【The provider of Japanese editing 】Japanese content production service, we take roles in producing localized contents for media overseas and launched them in Japan.

Want your web content in Japanese?  

You can leave that to us.

Japanese content production service,
we take roles in producing localized contents for media overseas and launched them in Japan.

Speedy turnaround!  We also take SEO into consideration when producing contents for customers. 

We assists service providers overseas in localizing their contents in Japanese  Editors, translators, copywriters, and SEO experts will be assigned in accordance with particular project of each client.  In fulfilment of client’s request, we made the best use of team of talented expert to deliver high quality contents, tailor made to meet each of our client’s wishes. Our service promises an opportunity of business expansion for our clients. 

Localization of international service contents in Japanese.

We provide contents production service of clients who wish to expand their services in Japan.

Our Team

Contents producer, copywriter,editor, and writer

We takes roles in producing contents for the wired range of industries in order to ensure successful localization of our clients’ contents in Japan. Our service is conducted by veteran content producers and writers.

Copywriting is the core capacity of our service. The team of our seasoned copywriters consists of experts who are capable of uniquely high quality contents to clients from all fields. Each text created for our contents will be created by taking importance of SEO into consideration.

Service workflow    

1.Content production 

We will organize a hearing of client’s request and make a proposal on how customer’s content will be disseminated. In this regard, Skype meeting is available.

After the meeting, we will provide the following materials to clients.
Schedule of article delivery
Proposal for article’s structure
Relevant information on SEO measures.

2.Project assignment

We will assign client’s project to our tem of editor, writer, copywriter, and writer, whose skills correspond with the project itself.

3.Manuscript revision

Our team of editor, writer, copywriter, and translator, will revise the manuscript. 

4.Contents delivery

Please feel free to send us an inquiry on the service fee. 
We will prepare price quote upon your request. 

Contact ; maho.takaishi1026@gmail.com


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